Mintz is the rock-band of Christina Zeidler, Celina Carroll, Carolyn Taylor and Sarena Sarian.

The Mintz art practice comes out of a shared experience in D-I-Y, with an ethos that speaks to both our queer and feminist identity. The core ethic of Mintz is to explore musical improvisation within the spirit of permission and play. Or, more specifically, a permission to play.

Mintz resides at the intersection between rock band and sand box. Mintz inhabits the mythology of a rock band and plays with the archetypes of the rock band narrative: The Rise, The Fall, The Come Back etc.; imbuing it with unintended power by prioritizing the ridiculous, that, outside of radical play, are conventionally reserved for superstars or borderline narcissists.

We invite people to ‘play’ with us as co-conspirators in the Mintz mythology, to step into the the Rock Band genre as Manager, Roadie or Rabid Fan. To ‘play’ with Mintz is to reminisce about our greatest albums, to envision a European tour or to break the news of the band’s dwindling iTunes sales. Playing with Mintz can also mean picking up an instrument and jamming along. Mintz ‘holds space’ as a group, for other people, from all walks, to play. We eat the mushroom. We fall down the rabbit hole. Mintz endeavours to create a mythology, esthetic and politic within which to play, create and produce.

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