MINTZ ‘Merch’ Prototypes, April 2012


I just finished working on these 5 ft x 5 ft ink paintings of an edition-of-one  t-shirt for the band I’m in MINTZ.  Mintz is a psycho-delic-emo-geo (for geology) all girl band, with a twenty album discography. In November 2011 we went to The Banff Arts Centre to participate in an arts residency, and complete the music for our twenty album history. We came home with over 75 songs but we have only just begun to create the merch to go along with it. Not sure of these should be album covers or merch?

trivia: Emily Rosamond, a fellow participant in the residency, an academic, a dancer and a bit of a poet,  came up with this truism around a very witchy bonfire.

Listen to MINZ here

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