Show me yours

I have been working on a series of collaborative live video events over the last couple of years, working with communities of artist to create “portraits” of their personal geographies. Each artist has a minute of video to create a portrait of a specific place. The individual segments are run together into a single video and screened with a soundtrack performed live by a band, creating a moving narrative of people, places and ideas.

It started with 30 artist and thirty minutes in Queen Street By Numbers in 2004 and has grown to involve over 200 artists over the course of four projects. Part documentary, part artist’s project, the videos stand as testament to the vitality of people imagining the landscape they inhabit. Through the lens of everyday activities, hopes and realities Show Me Yours: Nassau, Show Me Yours: Toronto, House Call and Queen Street By Numbers, evidence an aspect of the extreme changes Toronto’s West End and in particular Queen West, has undergone.

This work is very spontaneous: it was shot in-camera and the music was improved live at the event. I may have done the video work, but I relied on each artist’s vision to actualize each segment. I feel in love with working on these projects. This was so different from working on autobiographical work. I loved the diversity of people who are included. I also enjoyed making work that was about place, not just the physicality of place, but about the emotional geography of a place.

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