Bulk Bin

BULK BIN is a time-based web project that plays with the theme: SWEET CONSUMPTION.

I will be “broadcasting” a new video every weekday from April 28-May 23 2003.  All twenty videos will then remain on the web until June 4th.


Each week the videos will take their cue from a specific word or concept dealing with sweet consumption. Like the candy found in bulk bins in the dusty basement of the sundries department, the work is unified only by the size of the container: a short video clip. For me, this project is an exercise in stamina: rigorous, relentless and ultimately disposable. This aspect points to the existential dilemma presented in the consumption of both food and media: not all pleasure has substance.

I want to inhabit the structure of candy production as it relates to media production. I wish to highlight the paradox imbedded in the exchange of mass consumer goods: on one hand, making this stuff requires discipline, structure and perseverance; on the other, the consumption of it requires the desire for something not so demanding. What excites me about video art and the Internet is the chance to speak to an audience through an accessible everyday medium. What frustrates me is that these videos enter a never-ending stream of other video projects so huge and overwhelming that work is lost in the swell of product volume. Video is ubiquitous, re-useable and disembodied. If something is made to be presented, consumed and eventually disposed of, what is the point?


In our product-obsessed culture, I wish to exorcise my performance anxiety, not by rejecting pop-culture but by going deep inside it, looking for loopholes in art-making that can lessen the intensity. As an Internet project, Bulk Bin fits with my understanding of thedirection that the Internet is going. In an environment where you can choose to receive or send any information, the vast majority of people are looking for entertainment- sweet consumption.


I am curious to see if people will tune everyday to watch my process. I want to see if it is possible to build a web audience in such a short time. How fast does a web community build? Will people as physically far away as Australia, Japan or Tanzania see this, or will my audience consist mainly of my friends?


For those of you who do catch it, this is a view into my process. A record of my day-to-day life; what is happening to me and what I am thinking about during this specific pocket in time. I am exposing myself. I can’t hide away the work I feel unsure of; it will all be on display. Packaged for your consumption.

But with all the rigor of making this stuff and no guarantee of its quality; will you be able to piece together my intentions? Or will this experiment be something a quickly consumed and tossed aside. Sweet on the tongue but nothing in the belly. While corporate culture is busy candy packaging ‘joy’ into a constructed collective memory; I want to highlight the uncomfortable experiences, botched attempts and unmentionable desires of everyday life.

Please contact me to tell me about how you experience this project at muddyknuckles@hotmail.com

When the web project finishes on June 4th 2003, BULK BIN will be reinvented as a CD-ROM. This change in the method of delivery will change its conceptual context.

You will be able to get a copy of the CD-ROM from me after June 2003 at HYPERLINK mailto:Muddyknuckles@hotmail.com muddyknuckles@hotmail.com

Watch here…