Artist Designed Hotel Rooms

This was the artist designed Room Project: we asked 37 artist to design the 37 different rooms.

Toronto is very collaborative and there is a lot of talent there with out the opportunity to express itself.

The artists loved the process and what they all talk about is the trust that they were given and the gratification they received for just doing what they do well.

A variety of artistic voices have lent the individuality necessary for an unscripted guest experience

How hotel guests love being immersed in an organic local art experience without having to search for it in a foreign city—how valuable/unique this is

“Artist Designed Hotel Rooms”

“Artist Designed Hotel Rooms” is an concept created by Christina Zeidler. Each hotel room is designed by a different artist , each individual rooms designed through all fixtures and furniture by artist. 37 rooms reflect the diversity of talent in the city. The parameters are to create a room based on the artist’s vision but conforming to the needs of a hotel guest. A functional hotel room, all objects inside must be easy to clean and maintain with durability in both style and structure.

The nature of the art scene in Toronto is a collaborative one. The development the design vision through a collaborative process.

The purpose of this project is to provide unique and comfortable rooms for guests coming to stay in Toronto’s downtown core. The neighbourhood atmosphere and historic setting make the Gladstone a very special landmark that will be the cornerstone of guests experience here. When you are thinking about your room please consider that someone else will be staying in it. Part of the romance of a hotel room is that anyone can inhabit the room and make it their own. Consider the notion of creating an environment rather than an installation when planning your room.

The rooms are to give a taste of the authentic flavour of Toronto to guests who are new to the city and resonate with guests who know the city well.

* The term “artist” is used broadly here to encompass a number of disciplines and to include visual artists, interior designers, architects and material-based artists.

In keeping with the over all philosophy in the re-design of the hotel, each of the Gladstone’s 37 Artist-Designed Hotel Rooms is truly individual and offers guests a unique experience. Cookie cutter hotel rooms just wouldn’t fit with the diversity of events, people, and experiences for which the hotel has become known. Given that no two rooms in the Gladstone are of the same size, the building inherently supports this vision.

• The artists and designers selected to design individual guest rooms at the Gladstone have diverse backgrounds and represent an incredible range
of talents including painters, material artists, graphic designers, architects, commercial, and contemporary fine artists. Every artist brought their
own creative approach to the project reflecting their individual strengths and knowledge of materials. Many of the room designs are collaborative

• Artists were selected from a formal, juried submissions process and room designs were chosen based on their originality and intent, with the
comfort of guests in mind. The artist-designed rooms are not themed rooms; they are however, eclectic and range in aesthetic, with respect for
both design and craft. Each room presents guests with a unique experience. Interiors range from fun and funky, to sleek and sophisticated, to
luxurious and elegant, reminiscent of the hotel’s Victorian roots.