Gladstone Hotel

The Gladstone fosters and supports a healthy micro economy which drives healthy development, small business, light industry, cultural work and good times! The hotel strives to maintain a broad community-based clientele and showcases a diverse array of events. It is a place where local artists exhibit their work and perform and more importantly a place where artists and regular neighbourhood patrons come just to hang out.

The hotel’s Ballroom, Melody Bar, Art Bar and second floorArt Spaces are venues for everything from cabaret performances to film screenings,art exhibitions to wedding parties and fundraising events hosted by a vast range of artists, community groups, businesses and individuals.

Not just a place to stay overnight! The Gladstone is more than a hotel. It is in essence an ongoing experiment in cultural entrepreneurship and urban development. Gladstone Hotel President Christina Zeidler has crafted an entrepreneurial vision and business philosophy which embraces creativity and invites collaboration and innovation. The building and business renewal was inspired by urban visionary Jane Jacobs. Christina succeeded in preserving both the essence of the building’s architectural and community history while opening access to an important Toronto landmark. The building restoration and Christina’s management philosophy have successfully facilitated new ideas, new forms of creative expression and collaboration, and new ways of experiencing art, culture and community.

“There’s an inherent sense of community and consideration in the renovation.” Fiona Harkin, WGSN —world global style network 27.04.06

The idea is to create a model of stewardship in development. The building itself is an architectural backdrop for creative passions to play out. The project is constantly pushing the boundaries of commerce, culture, and community. The Gladstone is engaged in an on-going push/pull between promoting Toronto’s creative community and protecting and preserving the creative community’s place in a neighbourhood that is becoming increasingly gentrified.

Christina’s mandate for the Gladstone is to facilitate other people’s ideas. Her business model values all who participate in events at the Gladstone as important contributors to shaping and creating the future of the hotel. The building itself is an architectural backdrop for creative passions to play out.

“Christina runs the Gladstone not as a hotel but as a social and cultural incubator, and in a very short time has turned (it) into a treasured institution.” Lloyd Alter, 12.08.06

The Gladstone is committed to environmental leadership in its community. As such the business is striving to be an environmentally conscious —citizen— and to promote —green— practices such as recycling and incorporating environmental considerations into purchasing. The Gladstone Hotel is a member of the Green Tourism Association and purchases shares in a local CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) farm.