Devil’s Work, Video Installation, Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar, through February 2012

I made this piece to show during the Gladstone’s annual Come Up To My Room Alternative Design event. In stark black and white, disembodied hands work at crocheting a square of white wool and then pulls out the stiches and begin again in an endless loop.

I got excited about crocheting again when I went over to my friend Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue’s house and they were working on making granny squares for a banner artwork. I love the action of crocheting but never have as grand art plans as the two of them did.

Devil’s Work refers to the saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. There is an anxiety I struggle with in my artistic practice that looks at all activity as being a reflection on my artistic practice.  In the context of artists and designers working in a craft context, the repetition of activity is often a theme left only as a trace of the activity in the work itself. I wanted to make the activity explicit. The object is not the trace, the act of performing the action is the trace.

See the video here

 Christina Zeidler - Still from Devil's Work

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