Come up to my room

Come Up To My Room was founded in 2004 by artist/curators Pamila Matharu and Christina Zeidler. They developed a show that brought the methods of their artistic experience to the design community, bringing together these often polarized disciplines. In 2004, the Gladstone was still unrenovated and the idea of bringing an exhibition, let alone a design exhibition into the Hotel was elicit, trangressive. The Gladstone’s rusty Victorian splendor had yet to be polished and the show was part of a strategy to bring life into the structure. Bringing the conceptual framework of installation or site-specific art to the design idiom attracted the outsiders from design. Designers who occupy different vantages: design/builders, contemporary artists, material artists, crafters, industrial designers, architects and self-taught. What differentiates the artists/designers who show at CUTMR each year is their willingness to take risks, to push their ideas, to evoke meaning not just function in their work.

This is the grassroots. This is where ideas are born. This is where people come to take part. That is accessible. This allows art and design to collaborate, collide, melt, disagree, catch a cold, get better, hold a grudge, spread a rumour, get in trouble, make up and feel fabulous. This show sustains us, helps us put up with the crap of the day to day. We transform not just the space but ourselves.

Since 2009 Matharu and Zeidler have passed the torch and mentored new curators. The premise of the show remains and the new curators continue to bring new and ground-breaking work to the show.

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