10th Anniversary of Come Up To My Room, Jan 2013

Christina Zeidler, Ian Phillips, Julie Nicholson, Shaun Moore, Christian Joakim, David Dick-Agnew, Rob Southcott,     Noa Bronstein, Sonia Tyagi, Alexx Boisjoli, Pamila Matharu, Alan Webb and Christine Leu, Photo By David Hawe

Come Up To My Room (CUTMR), the Gladstone Hotel’s alternative design event turns ten this year. Pamila Matharu and I (the founders of the show and curators of the first five years) have come back to curate this year joining Noa Bronstein and David Agnew.

CUTMR was originally imagined by Pamila and I who were coming from the visual arts community in Toronto, observing the design world and noticing that there was a lot of crossover. In our first year, the hotel hadn’t yet been renovated, and the idea of bringing in an exhibition was totally new.  We wanted to create a design show which smashes the perceived silos of art and design, emerging from the Gladstone Hotel’s hybrid strategy as both cultural incubator and operational restaurant and hotel business.

CUTMR is unique in that we curate the show by inviting designers to do site-specific installations following their own personal vision. The magical combination of trusting oneself as a creator and responding to the context of the Gladstone is what makes a great CUTMR space. When it’s good, it’s like opening presents on Christmas morning.

Please look at this FABULOUS article by Andrew Sardone in Now Magazine.

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