Casting Call – Trailer/Teaser for “Portrait of A Serial Monogamist”, Aug 7 & 8, 2012

My dear friend and writing partner John Mitchell and I have been working on a feature film script for the last year and a half. The script is called Portrait of A Serial Monogamist, it’s a lesbian romantic comedy, in the tradition of the romantic comedies we love: Manhattan, Annie Hall, High Fidelity etc. We are just beginning the production process but in order to raise the money needed to shoot the script, we need to create a “trailer” for an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The teaser/trailer will be shot in the last week of August, and used for an online fund-raising campaign launching in September.

We are looking to cast professional actors with an aptitude for comedy. The casting will take place at the Gladstone Hotel rm 207, August 7 & 8 with call backs on Aug. 9: to book a session please contact me through this website.  The movie is slated to go into production later in the year. The remaining roles will be cast at a date to be announced. We are interested in assembling a cast as diverse as the city in which the film is set – all are welcome to audition.

Story:  A forty-something lesbian and serial monogamist breaks up with her long-standing girlfriend, only to discover that her new love interest might not be interested in a relationship. Toronto is the backdrop for this romantic comedy about a woman forced to confront herself and the possibility that she broke up with the one she was meant to be with.

List of Characters to be Cast for the Trailer:

Elsie:  Elsie is the kind of girl you fall in love with: handsome, charismatic and intelligent, with a touch of tom-boy/androgyny to her. A combination of John Cusuak in “High Fidelity” and Michel Caine in “Alfie”, flawed with a dry sense of humour. Elsie is an “A type” personality, successful in her career, but unaware that her personal life is a mess. We are looking for a strong actor with comedic abilities. We see the character as being anywhere between forty and forty-five.

Robyn: Elsie’s long-standing girlfriend: Annie Hall’s lesbian cousin, charming, down to earth, self-effacing without being a door mat, vulnerable but learning to stand on her own. We are looking for someone authentic who can play subtle, physical comedy. We see the character as being in her thirties.

Rachel: Elsie’s ex and one of her closest friends: A radical feminist with a penchant for going to extremes. The female Jack Black – smart, caustic and funny. We see the character as being anywhere between late thirties to mid-forties.

Jackie: Rachel’s girlfriend: a little like Melissa McCarthy from “Bridesmaids”, but more butch. Jackie is an emotional rock and a salt of the earth type, with a penchant for telling pointless anecdotes. We see the character as being anywhere between late thirties to mid-forties.

Grace: Elsie’s best friend and conscience: A lawyer with integrity, everyone’s shoulder to cry on and father confessor, with a dry sense of humour. We see the character as being anywhere between late thirties to mid-forties.

Lolli: Elsie’s new love interest: Sexy, flirtatious, and probably straight, a cool, confident heart breaker who is slightly full of shit. Definitely not the girl next door. We see the character as being in her late twenties.

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