It has been a long road and we are thrilled be here!! Portrait of a Serial Monogamist had it’s premiere theatrical screening at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood Los Angeles! We had a packed house and a great Q&A after with our actors and moderator filmmaker Anna Margarita Albelo.  We have had some great press in LA and surprising something they love about the film is how Canadian it is! Yes! Toronto in LA? Magic.

L-R: Vanessa Dunn (Lolli), Diane Flacks (Elsie), Dawn Whitwell (Jackie), John Mitchell (co-writer/director), Christina Zeidler (co-writer/director), Aurora Browne (Sarah-2), Carolyn Taylor (Robyn), Front Row: Anna Margarita Albelo (filmmaker and moderator of Q&A), Sabrina Jalees (Sarah).


It’s been a busy spring putting the finishing touches on the script of “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist”. We have finsihed casting (43 characters) and putting together a crew. So, now it begins… We start day one of Principal Photography on Monday May 27th. Huge thank you to Toronto for being so magical around this process. Everywhere we go we are once again reminded of all the wonderful people who make up this town!!  Here we are on our location scout last week.

POASM CREW Left to Right: Suanne McGregor (Art Dept), Ryan Hernandez (gaffer), Miles Barnes (Key Grip), Celiana Cardenas (Director of Photography), StephanieLee Love (Locations Assistant), Robin Brinsmead (Locations Manager) Mehernaz Lentin (Producer), John Mitchell (co-writer/director), Christina Zeidler (co-writer/director), Scott Bell (sound recordist), Allan Levine (Line Producer), Kristy Hollidge (Art Dept), in the front, Bruce Hutchison (Production Manager, Prep).


Christina Zeidler, Ian Phillips, Julie Nicholson, Shaun Moore, Christian Joakim, David Dick-Agnew, Rob Southcott,     Noa Bronstein, Sonia Tyagi, Alexx Boisjoli, Pamila Matharu, Alan Webb and Christine Leu, Photo By David Hawe

Come Up To My Room (CUTMR), the Gladstone Hotel’s alternative design event turns ten this year. Pamila Matharu and I (the founders of the show and curators of the first five years) have come back to curate this year joining Noa Bronstein and David Agnew.

CUTMR was originally imagined by Pamila and I who were coming from the visual arts community in Toronto, observing the design world and noticing that there was a lot of crossover. In our first year, the hotel hadn’t yet been renovated, and the idea of bringing in an exhibition was totally new.  We wanted to create a design show which smashes the perceived silos of art and design, emerging from the Gladstone Hotel’s hybrid strategy as both cultural incubator and operational restaurant and hotel business.

CUTMR is unique in that we curate the show by inviting designers to do site-specific installations following their own personal vision. The magical combination of trusting oneself as a creator and responding to the context of the Gladstone is what makes a great CUTMR space. When it’s good, it’s like opening presents on Christmas morning.

Please look at this FABULOUS article by Andrew Sardone in Now Magazine.

and visit our Tenth Anniversary Archive


January 17 – March 9, 2013 –  Reception: Saturday, January 26, 3-6 PM

The “Look-I-Like” chair is the inaugural production product of “Look-I-Like”, the collaboration of Deanne Lehtinen and Christina Zeidler, and will be sold through MADE Design in Toronto. The chair design prototype began as part of Zeidler’s “Simulacra” exhibition at IIDEX Special Delivery in fall 2012, an exploration of the poetic possibilities of the simulated image to push our perception of reality. The resulting chair is a cheeky visual pun, that plays with the idea of suggestion.

The “Look-I-Like” name refers to the phenomenon of “couple twinning” that the real life couple coined as a joke, but also seemed a fitting title, as they mark 17 years together, and present this new collaboration. Zeidler and Lehtinen have always casually vetted their work with each other but only recently started to collaborate as a design team.

As part of the “Look-I-Like” product launch, MADE design has invited Christina Zeidler to mount an exhibition in the “MADE Cooler”.  Zeidler will be presenting a riff on the “Simulacra” exhibition, creating a deep woods environment that is an exploration of the poetic possibilities of the simulated image to evoke emotion. The exhibition seeks to expose the interplay between materials and printed image by using the potential of technology to push our perception of reality.



POASM Funding Update Jan 2013

With the success of our initial Indiegogo Campaign and our “Fun”raiser Event we raised over $30,000 which means we will MOVE AHEAD with our plans to shoot in SPRING 2013!!

But we still have about $30,000 left to fundraise!

If you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign but would still like to contribute to the film, please click on the PayPal “Donate”button below. There are perks associated with each donation: including personal messages from our cast and producer credits!

This stage of our journey has been about so much more than just raising funds, it’s been about building a community around the film.  We have been able reach out to our community in Toronto and beyond, connecting with people across Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. Together, we have built a community around the film that is committed to it’s success. Thanks to you, we are showing that there is a NEED and a demonstrable market for a lesbian romantic comedy!

We also got some great news from Indiewire that we won project of the week!




The teaser/trailer for the feature film “Portrait of a Serial Monogamist” is on-line now. I am co-writing/directing the project with my good friend John Mitchell. We are so proud of the trailer and our fabulous cast: Diane Flacks, Carolyn Taylor, Vanessa Dunn, Caroline Gillis, Shoshana Sperling and Dawn Whitwell. We had an amazing start to our fundraising campaign with an event at The Gladstone Hotel. We still have a lot of money to raise before we can go ahead and shoot the film. Check out our progress on Indiegogo.


Rehearsal for an Endurance Performance of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto in “C” Major, is a nine projector video and sound installation staged in the Nora Vaughn Auditorium of the Ontario College of Art and Design as part for the OCAD 2012 Nuit Blanche Exhibition. The genesis of the installation began with a recording of me singing a passage of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto (written by Valerie Solanas in 1968) to the ukulele, the recording was then filled out and arranged by musicians Sarena Sairan and Susan Gale with the accompaniment of a full choir. The sound track was the foundation of the video performances, in which the musicians, rehearsed and performed the music in three loops. The players remained the same, but each time their performances changed, helping to blur the line between rehearsal and performance. The projections were placed in the stands of an auditorium, the figures separate and distinct, but the surface the images were projected on, reflected the images onto the large wall in front of the stands, blurring the images together, making them huge and imposing. The effect was to play with the notion of who is “on stage”, whose voice has authority, turning the audience member to look into the seats to watch the performance. It seemed fitting to bring the words of radical feminist Valerie Solanas into an institution and to grant her words total authority within the space.

More photos of the installation can be seen on my flickr site

The installation was curated by Lisa Myers.

A huge thank you to Jeff Zoeller and the team at OCAD U for the opportunity and support with the installation.

Thank you also to Dwayne Brown at Westbury National Show Systems Ltd.


Just finished showing “Simulacra” an immersive installation as part of the Special Delivery Exhibits at  IIDEX NeoCon – Canada’s National Design + Architecture Expo and Conference 2012.

Special Delivery is an exhibition which transforms 18-wheeler truck interiors into site-specific, immersive installations created by local designers and artists responding to the mobile space of show trucks. Paired with a truck sponsor, each installation considers, is inspired by and/or incorporates the materials, processes or products of the vehicles they inhabit. I partnered with Hewlett Packard Canada and their partners at Beyond Digital Imaging to use large print format “Latex Technology” (water-based printing) in an immersive installation.

“Simulacra” plays with poetic possibilities of the simulated image to evoke emotion and nostalgia, exploiting the interplay between materials and the photographed image to manipulate our perception of Nature.

Selected pieces from the installation will be available at MADE as small run editions.

This project was curated by Shaun Moore and Julie Nicholson of MADE, and Jeremy Vandermeij and Deborah Wang of Toronto Design Offsite.

Check out more photos at here


My dear friend and writing partner John Mitchell and I have been working on a feature film script for the last year and a half. The script is called Portrait of A Serial Monogamist, it’s a lesbian romantic comedy, in the tradition of the romantic comedies we love: Manhattan, Annie Hall, High Fidelity etc. We are just beginning the production process but in order to raise the money needed to shoot the script, we need to create a “trailer” for an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The teaser/trailer will be shot in the last week of August, and used for an online fund-raising campaign launching in September.

We are looking to cast professional actors with an aptitude for comedy. The casting will take place at the Gladstone Hotel rm 207, August 7 & 8 with call backs on Aug. 9: to book a session please contact me through this website.  The movie is slated to go into production later in the year. The remaining roles will be cast at a date to be announced. We are interested in assembling a cast as diverse as the city in which the film is set – all are welcome to audition.

Story:  A forty-something lesbian and serial monogamist breaks up with her long-standing girlfriend, only to discover that her new love interest might not be interested in a relationship. Toronto is the backdrop for this romantic comedy about a woman forced to confront herself and the possibility that she broke up with the one she was meant to be with.

List of Characters to be Cast for the Trailer:

Elsie:  Elsie is the kind of girl you fall in love with: handsome, charismatic and intelligent, with a touch of tom-boy/androgyny to her. A combination of John Cusuak in “High Fidelity” and Michel Caine in “Alfie”, flawed with a dry sense of humour. Elsie is an “A type” personality, successful in her career, but unaware that her personal life is a mess. We are looking for a strong actor with comedic abilities. We see the character as being anywhere between forty and forty-five.

Robyn: Elsie’s long-standing girlfriend: Annie Hall’s lesbian cousin, charming, down to earth, self-effacing without being a door mat, vulnerable but learning to stand on her own. We are looking for someone authentic who can play subtle, physical comedy. We see the character as being in her thirties.

Rachel: Elsie’s ex and one of her closest friends: A radical feminist with a penchant for going to extremes. The female Jack Black – smart, caustic and funny. We see the character as being anywhere between late thirties to mid-forties.

Jackie: Rachel’s girlfriend: a little like Melissa McCarthy from “Bridesmaids”, but more butch. Jackie is an emotional rock and a salt of the earth type, with a penchant for telling pointless anecdotes. We see the character as being anywhere between late thirties to mid-forties.

Grace: Elsie’s best friend and conscience: A lawyer with integrity, everyone’s shoulder to cry on and father confessor, with a dry sense of humour. We see the character as being anywhere between late thirties to mid-forties.

Lolli: Elsie’s new love interest: Sexy, flirtatious, and probably straight, a cool, confident heart breaker who is slightly full of shit. Definitely not the girl next door. We see the character as being in her late twenties.


September is going to be busy. I am working with my good pals at the Toronto Design Offsite (TO DO) and IIDEX Canada on an exciting installation project. During the IIDEX Expo a small number of designers and artists have been asked to transform 18-wheeler trucks into a site-specific installations. Each artist is working with a different company and specific product to explore and exploit its properties and uses. I am working with Hewlett Packard and their Latex Printer technology which will print on any surface and is water based so it doesn’t off-gas.

In conceptualizing the project, I am drawn to exploring the inseparable relationship between architecture and emotion. The source of my project is very personal: images from my parent’s house, designed by my father in 1968. This Modernist masterpiece actualized brave new approaches to architecture and efficiency of form, but became, over time, as personal and idiosyncratic as any home. The house came to hold the mythology of our family, as every family home does. My parents recently sold the house after 40 years, and the story of the house, our house, is held only in the collective memory of my family. The new family is moving in, they are rebuilding it (respectfully) but, of course, bringing their own stories, aspirations and dreams to the building. Simply, it will never be the same.

As part of the process of letting go and an attempt to capture the unique spirit of the house, I documented the building, both with furniture and without and conducted numerous interviews with my parents, siblings, neighbours and family friends. I was not sure what I would do with the material and in fact was hesitating to do anything. When I began talking about this project with the curators I saw an opportunity to play with the materials, to construct a reality and space that would explore the emotional dimension of architecture. To create a work of art that will speak to people’s collective experience with home and memory even in a slightly unfamiliar Modernist context.

Here is the early description of the project from IIDEX and TODO:

Special Delivery is an exhibition which transforms 18-wheeler truck interiors into site-specific, immersive installations created by local designers, architects and artists responding to the mobile space of show trucks. Paired with a truck sponsor, each installation considers, is inspired by and/or incorporates the materials, processes or products of the vehicles they inhabit.

As part of a series of exciting events, these trucks installations “take to the streets” on September 21 and 22, travelling from the Direct Energy Centre to the Gladstone Hotel, introducing the work to a new audience and neighbourhood, sharing art and design with the city at large.

Special Delivery features artist Scott Eunson with Wilsonart International; artist Christina Zeidler with Hewlett Packard International; and design collective Fugitive Glue with Inspire.

This project is curated by Shaun Moore, Julie Nicholson, Jeremy Vandermeij and Deborah Wang of Toronto Design Offsite.


Nuit Blanche at OCAD, September 2012

Thanks to super-curator Lisa Myers, I will be one of three artist’s at the 2012 Nuit Blanche at OCAD in Toronto. Lisa and I have been workshopping the staging of  ”Rehearsal for an Endurance Performance of the SCUM Manifesto, a Ukulele Concerto in C Major” into a full blown site-specific installation in the  Nora Vaughn [...]

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Steph Rogerson Review of “Streaming Alterity” in Boarder Crossings, 2012

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Performing at Tate Modern, U.K., May 18 2012

Kicking open the back door to the Tate Modern are F.A.G. (The Feminist Art Gallery) directors Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell, who have invited me to take part in their show & tell performance evening or “Axe Grinding Workshop”, ‘to fuel the power of the feminist kill joy, and shine up the old battle-axe’. As [...]

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Machine Guts in Berlin, April 25 2012

Anyone in Berlin next week? Check out The Mindpirates exhibition of surreal and experimental short films.  ”A mix between the old and the new. A collection of short films that will certainly inspire, exhilarate and possibly terrify all who attend. The night will require that you put down everything you have known up to this [...]

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MINTZ ‘Merch’ Prototypes, April 2012

  I just finished working on these 5 ft x 5 ft ink paintings of an edition-of-one  t-shirt for the band I’m in MINTZ.  Mintz is a psycho-delic-emo-geo (for geology) all girl band, with a twenty album discography. In November 2011 we went to The Banff Arts Centre to participate in an arts residency, and [...]

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Rehearsal for an Endurance Performance of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto, Ukulele Concerto in C, Feb. 26 2012

Christina Zeidler as Valerie Solanas. As part of the EXPLAIN YOURSELF! Performance Series I will be performing excerpts from the S.C.U.M. Manifesto by Valerie Solanas, scored by myself for Ukulele.  The S.C.U.M. (Society For Cutting Up Men) Manifesto was written in 1968. Solanas’ wikipedia entry begins: “Valerie Jean Solanas (April 9, 1936 – April 25, 1988) [...]

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Devil’s Work, Video Installation, Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar, through February 2012

I made this piece to show during the Gladstone’s annual Come Up To My Room Alternative Design event. In stark black and white, disembodied hands work at crocheting a square of white wool and then pulls out the stiches and begin again in an endless loop. I got excited about crocheting again when I went [...]

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Streaming Alterity, Peterborough Art Gallery, Jan 13-March 4, 2012

I am showing three works as part of the Streaming Alterity exhibition: Machine Guts, 2003 and Reverse, 2010, both video collaborations with artist Bill Burns, and Dirty Water a series of ink drawings on velum. Curated by Pam Edmonds and Carla Garnet, Streaming Alterity explores the recent histories of feminist activism, anti-racism, animal drag, and the [...]

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